MTV Switch Real Life is Better

MTV Switch, MTV Networks International’s Global Climate Change Campaign, has launched two new commercials aiming at stimulating technology-focused young people to become more active. In “Mud” a male gamer slouches on a couch in a dark room, totally oblivious to the possibilities out in daylight. What if he’s missing a group of bikini-clad young women being sprayed by mud from a car stuck on the beach? In “Stallion” a young woman chats on a laptop in her darkened bedroom. What if she’s missing out on her fantasy coming true outside, a glistening man on a white stallion? Sometimes you will find the real world is much much better…

Gamer in the dark in MTV Switch TV ad


The MTV Switch Real Life is Better campaign was developed at 180 Amsterdam, Amsterdam, by creative director Sean Thompson, art director Chris Landy, copywriter Peter Albores, agency produce Joe Togneri, account director Kyle Marquis and business affairs director Neeza Adenan.

Filming was shot by director Thomas Mailaender via Yellow House, with director of photography Blaise Basdevant, executive producers Magalie Dauleu and Charles Petit, and editor Gregory Lefevre.

Post production was done at Glassworks Amsterdam, by colourist Steve Miller and producer Charlotte Williams.

Sound was mixed by Laurence Horne at Kaiser Sound Studios. Music was produced at MassiveMusic, by composers Hans Brouwer and E.J. Grob, with producers Joep Beving and Cris Kos.

Mud girls and Stallion rider in MTV Switch TV ad