MTV Switch Green Song

MTV Switch has launched a scathing critique of green populism in the Green Song, an animated music video. An animated character with nuclear reactor and oil wells on his head delivers a country song outlining the need for real solutions rather than marketing everything as green.

The Green Song

Lyrics for the Green Song

The environment is dying
We need a solution fast
If we don’t devise a big old plan
it simply will not last
We don’t to freak anybody out
We don’t want to make a scene
We’d rather sweep it under the mat
but instead we’ll paint it green

Green, green, green
We’ll paint it green

It doesn’t really matter what it is
or what it does and why it stings
and what it means as long it is green

It doesn’t really matter what it burns
and what it makes and what it kills
or what it’s for as long as it is green

Green, green, green
Let’s make it green

Green Song animation

Politicians feed us crap
Celebrities are the same
It’s all about how green they are and
who deserves to blame

How green you are not how much you give
How loved you are is how you live
So know your greens and think a bit
Because you don’t have to be green to be green

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Green Song was developed at 180 Amsterdam by creative director Sean Thompson, creatives Rosita Rawnsley-Mason, Stacey Lee, Hal Kirkland, producer Sandra Durham, account director Kyle Marquis.

Animation was directed by Michael Reissinger via Deli Pictures, Hamburg and Rokkit, with producer Martin Klauder, art director Robert Rhee, motion graphics and animation artists Robert Rhee, Eike Braselmann, VFX artist Christoph Zaplethal.

Additional animation was done at PepperMelon, Buenos Aires, by art director Leandro Feuz, executive producer Fernando Sarmiento, character artist Juan Molinet, 3D artists Guillermo Kelly and Ignacio Godoy, assistant producer Lucia Ferrari.

Post production was done at Glassworks Amsterdam. Filming was produced at Rokkit by executive producer Luke Jacobs.

Music was composed by Lentink/Billinger & Marsman via Sizzer Amsterdam, with music supervisor Sander van Maarschalkerweerd. Vocals are by Bertolf Lentink. Lyrics were written by the 180 Amsterdam team.

Sound was recorded at Kaiser Sound and mixed by Laurence Horne.