Mr Lube Ready for a Change

Canadian company, Mr Lube, launched a broadside at new cars sales companies in 2007 with a series of television commercials with the line, “Ready for a change?” The advertisements suggest what most people already suspect, that car salesmen are dishonest when it comes to warranties and service deals.

Mr Lube Keys

Role Play

A salesman prepares one of his lackeys to dupe customers into bringing in their cars for oil changes, despite the fact that Mr Lube does it cheaper.

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The Keys

A salesman hypnotizes his customer into bringing his new car back for lube servicing, but makes the mistake of telling him to forget everything.

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Rick comes into the head salesman to check on his line. “Mercy is for the weak”.

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The Mr Lube campaign was developed at Rethink Canada, Vancouver, by creative directors Ian Grais and Chris Staples, art director Lisa Chen-Wing, copywriter Rob Tarry, and agency producer Ann Rubenstein.

Filming was shot by director Tim Hamilton via Avion Films with director of photography Doug Koch. Sound was designed at Wave Productions. Editor was Don MacDonnell at JMB Post. Line producer was Jennifer Base.