Mozilla Firefox Fans Rise Up in Music Video

Mozilla has been in difficult waters this week after a viral campaign promoting Firefox, the internet browser, was leaked and rejected. A web site,, was found to contain offensive material and was quickly removed from sight (now redirecting to the Firefox download page). Continuing on however, is the amateurish music video released on YouTube, Rise Up!

Tay Zonday and Leslie Hall in Mozilla Firefox Rise Up music video

Firefox Users Against Boredom gather in a studio to record a cheesy song in the mode of “We Are The World”. Singers include bass Tay Zonday and Leslie Hall, and a ninja.

Click on the image below to play the video.

So where’s all the viral movement coming from?

The news on the campaign was released on January 7 by Lizard at The Truth About Mozilla. According to Lizard, the campaign was created by AKQA, an ad agency that has also done work, ironically, for Microsoft.

The campaign against boredom has been developed by Mozilla over the last year, with a number of viral videos promoting the idea that Firefox users live interesting lives. The most effective advertising for the product, however, has been done by word of mouth.

The video was released on YouTube on January 7 on the NicheNet channel, run by someone in Australia.

Gregg Keizer at ComputerWorld passed the word on. Duncan Riley at TechCrunch excitedly gave us the scoop on the site, Fight Against Boredom, a site apparently in development mode, with raw data from @Plan, a service of Nielsen Online, used by marketers and advertisers to make media buying decisions, based on a regular survey of millions of US residents.

Paul Kim, VP of marketing for Mozilla, explains on his blog that Mozilla did not make up any of the facts listed on the site. He admits that some of the raw data included references to health conditions that were insensitive even for a test site. He suggests that the viral campaign, launched prematurely, has proven to be unsuccessful, judging by the reactions from Firefox users. The video is being left online at YouTube but is not being promoted heavily.

Firefox Users Against Boredom

The music video itself features the following stats, which state that, compared to Internet Explorer users, Firefox users are:

14% less likely to have sleeping disorders
67% more likely to go mountain biking
40% less likely to be widowed
53% more likely to go hiking
60% more likely to drink microbrew beer
51% less likely to be an Accountant
26% more likely to have gone to a live concert
26% more likely to have seen live music
45% more likely to have gone on a date
36% more likely to play extreme sports
76% more likely to have watched a foreign film
21% more likely to have an espresso
14% more likely to enjoy power weightlifting
34% more likely to participate in snow sports
6% more likely to practice yoga
113% more likely to be a student
139% more likely to go rock climbing
17% more likely to be self-employed
16% less likely to have fungal infections
41% more likely to have watched a documentary
36% more likely to participate in extreme sports
69% more likely to be in the Arts & Entertainment industry

Lyrics for Rise Up Anthem

The world is such a great big place, with so much to do
You can ski or breed apes, ride bikes or start a coup
But some people make choices in life that turn out pretty lame
Sitting at home drinking white zin (wine)
playing a solitary card game
They get called boring people – they deserve a chance
We all gotta help them out before they become houseplants…

Rise up, rise up (let’s get them on their feet)
Rise up, rise up (boredom must be beat)
Rise up, rise up (go hike a dusty trail)
Rise up, rise up (drink a tasty micro beer)

They get called boring people doing nothing but killing time
Gotta get them on their feet again, before they flat line.

Rise up! Rise up! (see a foreign picture show)
Rise up! Rise up! (Make a friend a cup of espresso)
Rise up! Rise up! (Free ride a snowy mountain face)
Rise up! Rise up! (Get a degree at an accelerated pace)
Rise up! Rise up! Quit your day job with the man.
Rise up! Rise up!

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