Motionographer a source of inspiration

Motionographer (pronounced like “oceanographer”) is the second Site of the Day at The Inspiration Room Daily.

Motionographer seeks to be a source of inspiration for filmmakers, animators and designers by sharing outstanding work from studios, freelancers and students, feature stories that give readers a closer look at influential studios and individuals, commentary that sparks discussion or introspection about the creative process, and miscellaneous items that Motionographer contributors find interesting.

Motionographer screen shot

It all began when Justin Cone discovered the Reels & Portfolios board while on the forum. He started a site at to list his Cream of the Crop companies with their online reels. He followed the list up with regular posts that turned into a blog. Gradually a community of writers and reviewers gathered around Justin.

Around two years later, in April 2006, Motionographer evolved from Tween to its present form.

Justin Cone, editor, works with a team of contributors: Onur Aksoy, Babe Elliott Baker (who designed the site), Marcos “Boca” Ceravolo, John Cranston, Bran Dougherty-Johnson, Eric Edwards, Ted Gore, Jon Gorman, Yotam Hadar, Matt Lambert, Daniel Oeffinger, Simon Robson, Jon Saunders, Igor Sordokhonov, Mate Steinforth and James Wignall.

Hallmarks of the Motionographer community are a dedication to finding the best quality copies of motion graphics work, a capacity to both admire and critique that work, and a generous spirit. And, of course, the site is beautifully designed!

Motionographer includes regular blog posts, a forum, the Cream of the Crop list of companies, archived articles and a list of current jobs available in the industry. It’s a WordPress-run site, hosted at Mediatemple, just like The Inspiration Room Daily.

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