Slots Dream On with Chemical Brothers, the job seeking web site in the United States, launched ‘Slots’, a TV ad in the ‘Your Calling is Your Calling’. City workers move without moving on their work, to the lullaby-like sounds of the Chemical Brothers. It’s as though each person is a tram or a train confined to the tracks. One man dares to move his legs and break out of his slot. “Find Your Own Path”. Slots

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The Slots ad was developed at BBDO New York by chief creative officer David Lubars, executive creative director Eric Silver, art directors Richard Ardito and Jerome Marucci, copywriter Grant Smith, senior producers Ed Zazzera and Jeff Beverly, music director Rani Vaz.

Filming was directed by Frank Budgen via Gorgeous Enterprises, London, with producer Alicia Richards, executive producers Paul Rothwell and Cassie Hulen, and director of photography John Mathieson.

Editor was Angus Wall at Rock Paper Scissors with editorial executive producer Carol Lynn Weaver and assistant editor Terence Biff Butler.

Visual effects were developed at A52 by executive producer Linda Carlson, producer Scott Boyajan, VFX supervisor Patrick Murphy, and 3D supervisor Andy Hall. Slots

Music is “Dream On” by The Chemical Brothers, the eleventh track on their 1999 album, Surrender. The lyrics are simple: “Sleep on, dream on”.