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Modernista,, is an advertising agency founded by Lance Jensen and Gary Koepke in January, 2000, based in Boston, Massachusetts. Today’s Site of the Day is Modernista’s seventh online expression, showcasing a Web 2.0 approach to company branding.

Modernista Wikipedia page

The current red Modernista menu, launched in March 2008, can be found in the upper left corner of Google searches and the official Modernista Wikipedia page, when redirected there from

Print advertising work is found on Modernista!’s Flickr site. Television advertising is found at the Modernista! YouTube channel. Modernista have chosen Cadillac, Hummer and (Red) for their three standard playlists but get around YouTube’s limitations by using their red menu to link directly to specific clients.

Modernista Wikipedia page

Web campaigns are found on the Modernista bookmarking site.

News on Modernista! is found on Google News. Careers are found Taleo Business Edition Recruit.

The Modernista Twitter channel has 119 followers, though Modernista doesn’t follow anyone. There are 1049 fans registered on the Modernista! Facebook page.

The Modernista ‘siteless’ concept could be taken further. Currently the site has no evidence of networking or following other bookmarkers. The YouTube channel has no friends. Likewise, the Flickr site has no networking happening. Social networking is hard for an agency that must work hard to keep its identity clear, in the context of the constant buzz of Web 2.0. However the agency could at least begin with developing, recognising and linking to the online presence of its key employees and contacts.

Interestingly, Modernista! has kept previous expressions of its web presence intact: Modernista 2, Modernista 3, Modernista 4, Modernista 5, Modernista 6. The fifth site features a promotion for the 5th Anniversary of Modernista! on September 29, 2005. Take a look through and you’ll find brilliant Flash design that will use half the capacity of your CPU, assuming you have them all open at once.

Modernista Site 6

See other images for Sites 1 & 2, Site 3, Site 4, and Site 5.

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