Moccona Coffee in Quest for Romance

Moccona in Australia presents its special blend of coffee in a TV advertisement oozing with romance. In a sequence clearly borrowed from Cinderella, a suitor walks from door to door on a quest to find the woman who has the jar to match his glass lid. The handsome suitor walks from door to door, holding his Moccona jar, looking for the woman with the right glass lid. “Moccona – never settle for less than special.”

Moccona suitor by the sea

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The Quest was developed at M&C Saatchi, Sydney, by creative director Ben Welsh, art director Michael Jones, copywriter Lizzie O’Hara-Boyce, agency producer Rod James.

Moccona suitor by the sea

Filming was shot on location in Montevideo, Uruguay, by Noah Marshall via The Sweet Shop, with director of photography Ian McCarroll, and producer Tony Whyman.

Post production was done at Digipost and Fin Design in New Zealand.

Music was composed for the spot by Elliott Wheeler via Nylon Studios, Sydney. Copies of the sheet music can be obtained by visiting the Nylon Studios site and emailing Mark.

Moccona is a brand of coffee produced by the Dutch corporation Douwe Egberts and popular in Australia and New Zealand. The coffee is regarded as one of the superior brands in the market. In my household Moccona jars are kept to store nuts and confectionery. The lid does look as though as it could have been formed by the sea.

  • Jmay

    The location, lighting, casting and concept of this advertisment captures the taste/essence of the brand wonderfully.

  • John

    could anyone plz tel me what this song is called


  • Peter

    I would also like to know what the music is

  • M&C Saatchi

    Thanks for the comments guys. The music was created for us by composer Elliott Wheeler through Nylon Studios in Sydney. We’re soon going to post an mp4 on the website that you’ll be able to download. For a ltd time there’s also a longer (80sec) version up there.

  • Tiarna

    Will there also be sheet music? I would love to learn it! =)

  • Madee

    I would love to learn the piano piece too… ive tried to figure out where and how for nearly half an hour now.. id love to

  • Dat

    I love this piano piece, can we get the notes?

  • Lizzy

    Everytime I see this ad I just want to learn this piece so badly! I have been searching and searching and so far this forum is the best i’ve gotten. Any updates on the sheet music?

  • Hana

    I absolutely love the music for the ad! I can’t wait till the music sheet is out.

  • Michelle

    Does anyone know the name of the actress who plays the girl at the end? The one whose container & lid fits?

  • bilby

    How old is that “girl” – the one at the end … she looks about 12-14, or 16 at the most.

    Hmmmmmmm ……. ???????

  • Luka

    Also hanging out for the sheet music. It’s the kind of piece that you shell out $40 for when buying the book and not learning to play any of the other pieces..

  • M&C Saatchi

    Thanks for all the positive comments – we are very pleased with the outcome of our romantic Moccona commercial as is our great client.

    To answer your question Bilby the lead “girl” is a 23 year old actress named Analia from Montevideo Uruguay and she was a delight to work with. Age is a deceiving thing I too looked about 16 when I was her age.

    We are speaking to our composer about the possbility of obtaining the sheet music and will advise.

  • Cilly

    I am so in love with this ad, every time i hear it i run to the tv just to watch it is so beautiful. even though i don’t drink coffee i’d like to try it. if anyone finds the piano notes please please please please can you email them to me. a.mei_@hotmailDOTcom

  • khan

    Love, love love the ad. It was wonderfully scripted. The connection with fairy-tale romance was obvious without being overtly cheezy. The actor fits their roles quite well; especially the male protagonist.

    Another point – I simply adore the piano melody. I’m trying to play the piece by ear but it doesn’t do the piece justice. So if there’s any news regarding a publication let me know, k?

  • Emma

    has anyone found the sheet music yet?
    it reminds me of the music from amelie

  • Urbis

    I’m from Montevideo and I have to say you make my town look really cool. It looks like Torino with a seafront.
    I have three questions:
    One: why did you choose to shoot the ad in Montevideo?
    Two: is the cast all from Uruguay?
    Three: there is one scene where you can see a football pitch. It most definitely looks like a school’s playground. Where is it? And, isn’t it odd that the chap is looking for his Cinderella in a school?

    Take care

  • Damian

    Hey – i checked out the moccona website and there was nowhere for the song (although the ad was tehre) – anyone know where to find an mp3 or something of the music?

  • Damian – as the commenter from M&C Saatchi says, they’re talking with the composer. You’ll just have to be patient. Preparing sheet music and a full length mp3 takes time.

  • hello

    wow i love that piano peice

  • Dimitry Roswell

    Hey Does anyone know the full name of the actress who played the girl at the very end? the actress whos jar fits the cap???

  • happywally

    dear M&C Saatchi, any news or updates on the status of the mp3? its a lovely song…

  • grace

    this commercial is so cool. i want to learn the piano in this ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rach

    Oh I just love this ad!
    He them turns down again and again.. yes, even the more ‘sexy’ option and hangs out for the perfect fit :: how attactive is that?!

    (and yes it does make the coffee more attractive too )

  • Julie

    I have a little crush on the actor in the clip. Who is he? He is wonderfully cast and has a terrific smile at the end.

  • Ashleigh

    This ad is something special, I love the romance of it, and the music is very much like the music used in Amelie which is quite fitting.
    It does well to sell the fairy tale notion without making it corny.
    I will never drink instant coffee but I am a fan of coffee and this made me wanna have a warm cap.
    The cap of the coffee jar is also special it almost looks like a precious jewel with its shiny surface.
    Cheers to you M&C Saatchi

  • Matt

    To M&C Saatchi, any news on the piano notes for the ad?

  • Claire

    I am obsessed with this ad! It’s my favourite ad I’ve probably ever seen.
    I would absolutly love the sheet music as well and if anyone can email it to me at
    I would absolutly love it and love you forever!!!!

  • Claire

    I’m sorry but my email didnt come up on my last comment, here it is

  • Ven

    Under the ‘Capture your Special Moments Forever’ section of the website, there’s a picture of the girl from the commercial pulling on the guy’s tie. It’s posted by ‘Kenny’ on 26/04/2008 and titled ‘The Real Story’.

    Where did this picture come from?!

  • Grace

    Hey fellow pianists,
    I’ve figured it out by ear, its not that hard, so I’ll see if i can write down the basic notes to help you all out! :p
    The left hand starts out with block chords, notes:[(a, a) denotes notes in a chord] (G, Bb)to D^(repeat); (Eb, G) to Eb^(repeat); (D, F) D^(repeat); (C, F) C^(repeat)
    LOL i hope that is legible!
    The right hand melody is: G, D, C, Bb, G, Eb, D, C, F, D, C, Bb, A, C


    I hope this helps. Really sorry , its hard to write out the notes!! Once you’ve got the right hand melody playing, the notes are all the same in the faster bit and just require a bit of playind by ear!
    ๐Ÿ™‚ good luck!

  • Lucy

    I too love this ad, and the music is gorgeous. I will have to re-learn how to play the piano now! M&C Saatchi have done a good job. I never knew how beautiful Montevideo was.
    Ven, I can’t find the picture you’re looking at of ‘The Real Story’, only a lot of the same pictures.

  • Lucy

    Nylon Studios have written a lot of music for advertising, e.g. “Sunkissed” on the Telstra ad. I love their music. If you log onto the Nylon myspace page, there’s other great music to sample.

  • Melde

    Does anyone know what font the capital S is an the end? I’m quite sure it’s not a Shelly script font like the N.

  • Anna

    Well done on the Moccona ad. It is absolutly fantastic.
    I would love to get the sheet music for it. It is beautiful.
    I would really appricate it if you could email it to me when you have it.

  • Kirsty

    I absolutely love the sheet music. If anyone has it or knows how to get it could you please let me know? Thanks guys!

  • James

    they have not posted the sheet music to that song on the website yet. when are they going to do it!!!

  • happywally

    theres a longer full version of the song on the website… anyone know how to download it??

  • lisa2323

    can anybody tell me who the actor is in this ad?
    his smile is too cute:D

  • Virginia

    When did this add first come out?what date?

  • j

    Whats the full name of the actress at the end, Analia wot? has she done any other tv appearances

  • C

    Is the actor in this ad Luke Perry ( aka Dylan from “Beverly Hills 91210” ) ?????

  • olivia

    i love the song, would i be able to have a copy of the sheet music ?

  • ciaran

    omg i love this song im checking nearly everyday for and update to see if i can get the sheet music

  • Bec

    HEE HEE, I found you ๐Ÿ™‚

    I had a look at the ad. The guy does look a bit like Luke Perry but I think he is a bit younger than him. Luke Perry had a scar above his eye somewhere and I don’t think the guy in the ad has the scar.


  • Aid

    The music is beautiful! I chaeck constantly for an update on the sheet music. Can’t wait!

  • Danielle

    Hey guys i have the sheet music!!!! if you email the guy and ask nice he will send you a copy!!!

    Jack Milas (

    p.s. im no stalker, i went to the myspace page provided by another person on this board and got the email from there!

  • Adam

    Analia on the ad is a beautiful woman

  • shirlene blom

    does anyone kno the name of the guy in this commercial? and its not luke perry. he is soo attractive.. who is this mystery man…

  • miamo

    I think the actor- El protagonista is โ€“el argentino Ezequiel Rodriguez.