Moccona Coffee in Quest for Romance

Moccona in Australia presents its special blend of coffee in a TV advertisement oozing with romance. In a sequence clearly borrowed from Cinderella, a suitor walks from door to door on a quest to find the woman who has the jar to match his glass lid. The handsome suitor walks from door to door, holding his Moccona jar, looking for the woman with the right glass lid. “Moccona – never settle for less than special.”

Moccona suitor by the sea

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The Quest was developed at M&C Saatchi, Sydney, by creative director Ben Welsh, art director Michael Jones, copywriter Lizzie O’Hara-Boyce, agency producer Rod James.

Moccona suitor by the sea

Filming was shot on location in Montevideo, Uruguay, by Noah Marshall via The Sweet Shop, with director of photography Ian McCarroll, and producer Tony Whyman.

Post production was done at Digipost and Fin Design in New Zealand.

Music was composed for the spot by Elliott Wheeler via Nylon Studios, Sydney. Copies of the sheet music can be obtained by visiting the Nylon Studios site and emailing Mark.

Moccona is a brand of coffee produced by the Dutch corporation Douwe Egberts and popular in Australia and New Zealand. The coffee is regarded as one of the superior brands in the market. In my household Moccona jars are kept to store nuts and confectionery. The lid does look as though as it could have been formed by the sea.

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