M&Ms Election Campaign

Masterfoods is running a poll in Australia and New Zealand: the M&Ms Elections. The number 1 is a reference to the Australian preferential voting system. Vote Crispy – carrying the nerves of a nation. Vote Green – Miss Green Working the Polls. Vote Yellow the People’s Candy Date. A Vote for Blue is a vote for you. The Revolution is Now. Vote Red!

M&M Elections Vote Crispy

M&M Elections Vote Green

M&M Elections Vote Yellow

M&M Elections Vote Blue

M&M Elections Vote Red


The M&Ms Election campaign was developed at Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne, Australia, by executive creative director James McGrath, creative directors Emma Hill and Cameron Hoelter, art directors Gus Johnston, Russel Fox, copywriters Paul Reardon and Ant White, agency producer Robin Bowles, account managers Ricci Meldrum, Sarah Galbraith, with illustration done at The Craft Shop.

  • shaun piper

    red is a awsomecolour !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hhe should have miss green as his gf !!! any way hes awsome

  • whare pullan

    Isn’t there a brown m&m, can people elect the brown one ?
    If not why emit the brown m&m from the election. Since this
    campaign was developed in Australia it wouldn’t have anything
    to do with australia being the most racist country?

  • Kelly

    blaming racism keeps racism going, ya poop-head! cut it out! people are free to choose thier own color – and brown amy be too drab for some. i love green! she’s sexy! its the sign of hope – spring is green. new things, change, growth, youth, fresh, yadda yadda…. positive energy dude! spread it! whoo-hoo, life is good! say it enough and you might begin to believe it- find it! Go Miss Green!! You’re hot!

  • whare pullan

    Hi Kelly never been called a poop head before. You know you are quite right I was being a poop head. Forgive me Kelly I was having a Angry Maori person day. you are right green is a good colour.

    sorry Aussie folks

  • taylor

    blue looks so awsome! vote for blue on mms.com plz u gwt 50,000$ baby!

  • Melissa

    I love these M & M’s. I collect them. Nice pics.

  • sam

    i love green

    • Brian Lonsdale

      I think the Red poster looks the most creative.

  • taylor

    yo blue is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool!!!! vote on mms.com for blue and his gf green!!!!!! IM GONNNA WIN $50,OOO HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!

  • Federico Ambrosini

    io voto la verde perchè nella publicità alla tele è la migliore

    ps. le foto sono bellissime

  • carol hieb

    Yellow is and always has been my fab Colorado sblnd for sure yellow m & m has been something I have collected for years