Mitsubishi Strakar L200 in Secret Cities

Mitsubishi is promoting the Mitsubishi Strakar L200 with a series of print advertisements featuring hidden cities. The pick-up truck is placed on the edge of each city, with a challenge, “Be part of the I swear to keep Atlantis (Shangri La/El Dorado) secret” group.

Mitsubshi L200 Strakar El Dorado print advertisement

Mitsubshi L200 Strakar Shangri La print advertisement

Mitsubshi L200 Strakar Atlantis print advertisement


The Secret Cities campaign was developed at MSTF Partners, Lisbon, Portugal, by creative directors Lorenço Thomaz, Susana Sequeira, art director Tico Moraes, copywriter Rui Soares, with illustration done at 6B estudio, Brazil.

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  • Kikki check out the links for MSTF and 6bEstudio.

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