MIR Black Keep Black Strong

Henkel in France promoted MIR Black as the best way to “keep your favourite black fabrics black” in this award winning print advertising campaign featuring 3D characters in black.


Creatures made of black fabric defeat their opponents in arm wrestling, boxing, rugby, soccer, weightlifting and karate.

Black Arm in MIR Keep Black Strong print advertisement


Creatures in black win time and time again – a black spider, cat, bat, bull, wolf, sheep and ant. Even the black clouds defeat the white clouds.

Black spider in MIR Keep Black Strong print advertisement


It’s the Black characters that defeat the ones in black at the movies: Star Wars, Men in Black, Charlie Chaplin, Zorro…

Black Jedi in MIR Keep Black Strong print advertisement


The Mir Black campaign was developed at TBWA\Paris, France, by executive creative director Erik Vervroegen, art director/copywriter Benoit Leroux, art director Philippe Taroux, art buyer Barbara Chevalier, account supervisors Fran├žois Michel and Nelly Manoukian, with 3D designer Baptiste Masse.

The campaign won a Gold Press Lion at Cannes International Advertising Festival, 2008.

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  • http://www.confidentialpleasures.com JC

    What a good use for old socks, LOL. What’s up with the blacks killin the lights that could easily be misconstrued