Microsoft Bill and Jerry in New Family

Microsoft has come out with the second in the Bill and Jerry advertising series, “New Family”, following on from Shoe Circus. Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld move into a suburban home, connecting with an everyday Mom, Dad, three kids and Grandma. Why are they doing this? As Seinfeld says, “You and I are a little out of it. You’re living in some moon house hovering over Seattle like the mother ship, and I have so many cars I get stuck in my own traffic”.

Bill and Jerry in the New Family bedroom

The second ad in the series has a few more classic one liners, this time from Bill. As he reads to the youngest boy a bedside technical manual he’s asked, “Are there any scary monsters in this story?” He replies, “It’s alright, there’s a firewall”. The older boy is excited to discover a computer game he didn’t know existed. “Wow! When’s this coming out?” “Never”, Bill replies. “And if anybody asks where you got it, you don’t know.”

Bill Gates and boy playing new computer game

Bill and Jerry are starting to emerge as Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s Get A Mac duo, PC and Mac. Jerry’s the freewheeling creative equivalent to Mac, but he’s working for Microsoft. In some ways he’s working on PC, developing his creative side, as can be seen in the final robot dance scene. What’s coming next? A frog with an email? A goldfish with a web site? An amoeba with a blog?

The video is online at, profiling Silverlight media software. Microsoft have also taken the bold step of setting up the Windows Videos channel on Google’s YouTube.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The New Family ad is the second in an ongoing $300 million campaign being developed by Crispin Porter + Bogusky, by executive creative director Rob Reilly, creative director Tim Roper, associate creative director/art director Dave Steinke, associate creative director Michael Craven, and agency producer Chris Webb.

Filming was shot by Bryan Buckley via Hungry Man, with director of photography John Lindley, executive produces Kevin Byrne, Cindy Becker, Dan Duffy and line producer Mino Jarjoura.