Michael Phelps has technical difficulties at ESPN

ESPN Sportscenter featured US swimmer Michael Phelps in a couple of light hearted television commercials. Michael Phelps is not impressed when ESPN presenter Jay Harris uses his bronze medal as a coaster for his coffee mug. Phelps walks into the ESPN Sportscenter attempting to get access to the internet. For some reason he jinxes every computer he tries. Two commercials: “Medal Coaster” and “Jinx”.

Michael Phelps at sparking computer


The ESPN Sportscenter ad was developed at Wieden + Kennedy, New York, by executive creative directors Kevin Proudfoot and Todd Waterbury, creative directors John Parker and Derek Barnes, art director Stuart Jennings, copywriter Brant Mau and head of broadcast Gary Krieg, agency producer Alison Hill, and executive producer Tom Rossano.

Filming was shot by Hank Perlman via Hungry Man, New York, with director of photography David Morabito, producer Ken Licata Jr. Hank Perlman in a previous life worked with W+K Portland, working on ESPN’s “This is SportsCenter” campaign.

Effects were developed at Riot, New York. Editing was done at Joint Editorial. Sound was designed at Sound Lounge.