MGM Grand At Foxwoods in Female Fantasy

MGM Grand at Foxwoods opened as a resort in Connecticut in May, with a spectacle of visual effects. A woman riding on the back of a white swan dives into what could well be a martini, judging by the floating olive, to re-emerge in the newly opened MGM Grand. What follows is a sequence of dream-like scenes tying in with the luxuries provided by the newly opened resort.

Woman on swan in MGM Grand at Foxwoods commercial

Click on the image below to play the MGM Grand at Foxwoods video.


The MGM Grand at Foxwoods campaign was developed at Sk+G, (Schadler Kramer Group), Las Vegas, who had handled MGM Grand’s account in Las Vegas.

Filming was shot by director Bruce Dowad via Supply and Demand.

Visual effects were developed at Riot, Santa Monica, by creative director/VFX supervisor/compositor Andrew MacDonald, compositors Wensen Ho, Joey Brattesani, Kevin Prendiville, Satoshi Ozeki, Claus Hansen, desktop compositors Robert Tatum, Cecile Tecson, David Hernandez, CG artists Andy Lesniak, Michael Johnson, Bryant Reif, and executive producers Matthew McManus and Robert Owens.

Props for the commercial, including the swan and the olive, were made at Merritt Productions.