Mercedes First Brake That Reads The Street

Mercedes-Benz Nederland has been promoting Brake Assist Plus (BAS Plus) system with a series of print advertisements, presenting the technology as the first brake that reads the road. A series of words are blurred out, allowing the reader to see what really matters: a child, a ball and a dog.

Mercedes BAS Plus Ball print advertisement

Mercedes BAS Plus Dog print advertisement

Mercedes BAS Plus Child print advertisement

The new Brake Assist PLUS system (BAS PLUS) registers vehicles ahead by radar and gives a warning if the gap is too small or the closing speed is too high. If a collision threatens, BAS PLUS calculates the ideal braking assistance in fractions of a second and makes this available immediately – even if the driver applies too little pressure to the brake pedal. This significantly reduces the incidence of rear-end collisions.


The First Brake campaign was developed at BBDO Germany, Düsseldorf, by chief creative officer Toygar Bazarkaya, creative director Ton Hollander, copywriters Markus Steinkemper and Toni Selzer, art director Sven Klasen, with client consultants Marco Golbach, Dirk Spakowski and Bas Verdoorn.

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