Mercedes Crash Test for Breast Cancer

Mercedes Benz Netherlands brings us another breast cancer awareness print advertisement with a crash test theme, this time with a real woman. See the earlier one here. The Mercedes ad in the annual Pink magazine encourages women to register for a mammogram, rather than relying solely on self testing for breast cancer.

Mercedes Crash Test print advertisement encourages mammograms

“Only trust a specialist’s advice for a reliable mammogram. Mercedes Benz, sponsors of the Dutch Breast Cancer Foundation“.


The crash test ad was developed at FHV BBDO Amsterdam, by creative director/copywriter Mark Muller, art director Joris van Elk, photographer Jaap Vliegenthart, with retouching done at Souverein.

  • Jake Clifton

    Hi there i’m a first year university student and i was just wondering if this image is copyrighted in any way? We’ve been introduced to having to reference everything and possibly asking permission if an image is copyrighted. I wasn’t sure how to find out so thought i’d just email you. Thanks