Mercedes Billboard Fascinating in NZ

Mercedes Benz in New Zealand is appealling to slow drivers, drivers stopped at traffic lights and stalled in traffic jams, with a billboard containing one sophisticated set of questions. I must remember to test these questions out on the way to work today. My car pool workmate has just bought himself a Mercedes.

Mercedes Benz Long Copy billboard on fascination

“What is it that makes one billboard more fascinating than another? This one has a wooden frame, vinyl skin, words and a logo like many others, yet it’s somehow different. How does one person with ears, a nose, a mouth and the same IQ hold an entire room captivated while another with the same parts remains ignored? What is that inextricably separates the two tonnes of steel, leather, chrome and glass of one car from the innately more pleasing two tonnes of steel, leather, chrome and glass of a Mercedes Benz? Why did you choose to read this billboard over countless others? Can we explain the intangible force that makes one thing infinitely more fascinating than another? Probably not. Perhaps that’s what it is about fascination that fascinates us so much.”


The Mercedes Benz launch was developed at Colenso BBDO, Auckland, by executive creative director Nick Worthington, creative director Steve Cochran, copywriters/art directors Simone Louis and Bradley Averill, designer Phila Lagaluga, account director Scott Coldham, account manager Janelle Van Wonderen, agency producers Paul Courtney and Gabrielle Buckle.