Meaure Up for Health in Australia

Australia’s Department of Health is tackling the increasing problem of weight-related health issues with a television commercial illustrating in 60 seconds how gradual weight gain can lead to serious problems in later life. The campaign is online at A man walks toward the camera, gradually changing body shape, transforming from a healthy young man to a senior with a high risk of heart disease and diabetes. The second in the series, “Turn Around”, shows the aging man coming to terms with his unhealthy lifestyle and deciding to turn around, exercising more and eating more healthily.

Measure Up man


The Measure Up campaign was developed for the Federal Department of Health and Aging by 303 Perth, by art director Bryan Dennis, copywriter Malcolm MacLean and agency producer Phoebe Dunn.

Filming was shot by director Burfoot via Film Graphics, Sydney, with producer Jude Lengel, executive editor Sue Schweikert.

Visual effects were developed at Fuel VFX, Sydney, by VFX supervisor/lead Flame artist Angus Wilson and producer Celia Nicholas.

Angus Wilson explains, “Graeme wanted the overall change in the main character to be so subtle and gradual that by the end of the spot the audience would be shocked by how unhealthy he had become. We achieved this effect by filming a number of men with varying body shapes and prosthetics, then morphing and blending the different takes in Flame.”

Sound was designed at Music Design Systems, Perth.