Maternity Bra with Crane Support

Target maternity bras are engineered to give you maximum support. So we’re led to believe in this ad for Target Australia. David Kiefaber at AdFreak thinks the ad’s insensitive, suggesting that women’s breasts might need a crane to support them. DaBitch at Adworld suggests The Campaign Palace should have had a woman working on the creative team for this job, bearing in mind the lack of real support being shown by the bra.

Target Maternity Bra


The Maternity Bra ad was developed at The Campaign Palace Melbourne by creative director/art director Tony Leishman, copywriter Pat Lennox, account director Cassie Cobain, photographer Stuart Crossett, and retoucher Alex Rodriguez.

Anita Young posted the same concept in work for Avokado Bras in October 2007 at I Needa Advertise.