Mama Lucchetti Animated in Argentina

Mama Lucchetti. a line of soups from Argentina, is being promoted in a series of animated television commercials very popular throughout South America. Four videos, developed at PepperMelon, Buenos Aires, are presented by families of Spanish-speaking animated faces without noses, with the song, Mamá mamá, Lu lu luchetti. The campaign has almost 50,000 fans on Facebook.

Lucchetti Family


A Mama Lucchetti family has awkward requests for a rocket toy filtered out by a blender.

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A Mama Lucchetti family comes to terms with a stack of dishes that have yet to be washed and dried.

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A formal presentation of the Mahna Mahna song by the Mama Lucchetti choir.

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The Perfect Mama

What completes the ideal advertising Mama? A beautiful champagne Labrador? A bowl of noodle soup? Or a nose and a bit of hair styling? Be very careful how you answer this question.

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The Mothers concept was developed for Molinos at Madre, the Buenos Aires arm of Mother London.

Madre had the task of rebooting the Mamá Lucchetti brand, shaking the advertising out of its mostly conservative reputation. The creative team came up with the concept of cute-looking characters acting out bizarre scripts that most kids and their family members could relate to, tied together by the Mahna Mahna song made famous by Sesame Street and The Muppets.

Animation was developed at PepperMelon, Buenos Aires, by executive producer Fernando Sarmiento, character designers and art directors Tomas García and Juan Molinet, project manager/senior animator Martin Dasnoy, animator Leandro Feuz, backgrounds, lighting and rendering by Guillermo Kelly, technical effects director and animator Ignacio Godoy (3D modeling and character rigging), editor J. F. Mackeprang, assistants Diego Rozek, Leandro Muchenik, ad Diego Collell (3D modeling, rigging and animation), compositor Fernando Sarmiento, production assistant Lucía Ferrari, sound designer Andrés Cáceres.

See behind the scenes insights into PeperMelon’s character design process and kitchen design process.

Voice Talents were contracted at Inaudito, Buenos Aires.

Mahna Mahna

“Mahna Mahna”, originally titled “Mah-Na Mah-Na,” was written by Italian composer Piero Umiliani for an Italian documentary about life in Sweden, titled Svezia, Inferno e Paradiso. It entered popular culture via a puppet skit on Sesame Street and the Ed Sullivan Show in 1969, followed up by appearances by Mahna Mahna and the Snowths (Do doo do doo doo) in 1977.

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