Make Yourself Beautiful for Animal Welfare

The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) in Australia is responsible for today’s Site of the Day, “Make Yourself Beautiful”,

Make Yourself Beautiful website

Visitors to the site are invited to draw a picture of a friend (having a graphics tablet is a definite advantage) and send it to them with an invitation to sign a petition advocating for animal rights.

Declaration inkThe web site, created by Clemenger Blue Melbourne, is part of an ongoing campaign encouraging members of the public to sign a declaration in support of animal welfare to be taken to the United Nations for adoption.

Louise Paton, senior account manager at Clemenger Blue said: “The campaign is as simple as letting people know that all it takes is a drop of ink – their signature – to change the lives of animals worldwide”.

“The idea behind the website is to draw whacky portraits of your friends and show them that beauty isn’t about the way you look, it’s about the way you act. It’s a fun way of engaging people with a serious issue,” Paton said.

A number of Australian celebrities are lending their support to the campaign including actors Abbie Cornish and Pippa Black, musicians Augie March, models Erin McNaught and Imogen Bailey, swimmer Emily Seebohm and entertainers Wil Anderson and Kathleen de Leon Jones.

Traffic to the site is being supported by a partnership with The Body Shop, in which ‘declaration ink’ has has been packaged into the brand’s translucent bottles and branded as a product called ‘make yourself beautiful’.

The Principles of the Declaration

1. The welfare of animals shall be a common objective for all [states];

2. The standards of animal welfare attained by each [state] shall be promoted, recognized and observed by improved measures, nationally and internationally. [Whilst there are significant social, economic and cultural differences between societies, each should care for and treat animals in a humane and sustainable manner][in accordance with the principles of the Declaration];

3. All appropriate steps shall be taken by [states] to prevent cruelty to animals and to reduce their suffering;

4. Appropriate standards on the welfare of animals be further developed and elaborated such as, but not limited to, those governing the use and management of farm animals, companion animals, animals in scientific research, draught animals, wildlife animals and animals in recreation.

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