LTNZ Spin the Wheel on Intersections

Land Transport New Zealand has launched a campaign focusing on safety at uncontrolled intersections, using a modified spinning chocolate wheel to demonstrate the thin line between near misses and fatal crashes. In “Wheel of Misfortune” a bearded man in a suit spins “The Risk It All Here” wheel offering the options of minor crash, major crash, near miss and death.

LTNZ Spinning Wheel

Failure to give way at intersections is the third largest cause of injury and death on New Zealand roads, after speeding and drunk driving. Every year around 2,500 crashes occur at intersections because someone fails to stop or give way. This equates to 50 injury-causing crashes a week. These crashes result in over 3,000 injuries and 25 deaths per year.

“Too many drivers think the chance of a serious crash at an intersection is low, and they’re prepared to take higher risks in certain situations, such as when they’re running late,” said Land Transport NZ Advertising Manager Rachel Prince.

“The risks of failing to give way are not small. We want drivers to understand that every ‘bad call’ they make at an intersection increases their risk of injury or death.”

The television advertising is being supported with radio, outdoor, print and other advertising. All Land Transport NZ road safety advertising backs up targeted police enforcement activity.


The Wheel of Misfortune ad was developed at Clemenger BBDO Wellington by creatives Brigid Alkema and Paul Young, with agency producer Marty Collins.

Filming was shot by Nathan Price via Capital City Films, Wellington, with producer Julie Elstone and director of photography Ginny Loane.