L&P Bombs in School Pools

It’s summer in New Zealand, the time for traditional pastimes such as visits to the local school swimming pool. L&P, the classic New Zealand Lemon and Paeroa mineral water, is associated with the nostalgia many adults would have for their childhood pool experiences. This TV ad, edited to appear like a nostalgic documentary, itself is becoming a part of New Zealand classic memories.

Pool rules in L&P TV ad

The voiceover, spoken by Jemaine Clement:

“Back in the day the place to be all summer was the school pool. Luckily your mum was on the PTA (Parent Teachers Association) and had the pool key. So as long as Mr Moore the caretaker hadn’t done the chlorine in that morning you could do some choice bombs. Depth charges were the best ’cause you always got to soak Theresa McKee who had forgotten to take her glasses off and just sat on the steps. And wearing your boardies meant not only could you chuck out your man skins you could make a paper bag popping sound when you hit the water. And after that you gulped some L&P and cheese and tomato sandwiches which you ate and drank too quickly which meant you couldn’t go swimming for at least an hour. Which was rad ’cause you needed to heat up in the sun before going in anyway. You were there and so was L&P, world famous in New Zealand since ages ago.”

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The L&P spot was developed at MTC (now Ogilvy), Auckland, by Jamie Hitchcock and Josh Lancaster. Filming was shot by director Adam Stevens, via Robber’s Dog, Auckland.

L&P World Famous in NZ

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