Love from Marmite Champagne

Here’s a poem from Marmite in the UK, promoting the Love Marmite campaign focused on Valentine’s Day. The “Love Marmite” campaign takes a new twist with the introduction of a special rich flavour of yeast extract packed in a jar and wrapped with a red ribbon. To get my attention, the Marmite team wrote me a poem, expressing gratitude for my Marmite-related advertising reviews, along with a complimentary jar of the good stuff.

Marmite Champagne

Duncan, oh Duncan
Oh Duncan MacLeod
We declare our love for you
And your reviews – oh so LOUD!

So whilst you’re working hard out
On the Gold Coast
We thought that we’d send you something
To spread on your toast

Thank you so much for
The kind words that you’ve written
It’s clear to us that
With Paddington you’re smitten

So all the way from London
Out to you in Brisbane
We’re sending you a jar
Of Marmite (laced with Champagne)

It’s limited edition
So to take another look
You can add yourself as a fan
On our page on Facebook

In the meantime, there’s nothing
Left for us to say
Other than that we love
Have a happy Valentine’s Day!

On behalf of Marmite

If you would like more info about Lovers’ Marmite. Please visit Become of FAN of Marmite on Facebook:

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