LG Because Men Need It

Why buy a high definition LG television with the capacity to record? Because. That’s the message in “Porques” (Because), a TV advertisement from Spain, aimed at men who do not want to choose between watching television and the women in their lives.

Man watches football during a kiss in LG Because TV ad

“Because programs start without you. Because there’s always that question, “Dad where do babies come from?”. Because sometimes you switch off before the television. Because the Lord made Saturdays sacred. Because there will always be that… Because it’s true that men can’t multi task. Because there’s always a first time. Because you can’t see through a brick wall. For that old saying, “I needed a change”. Because romanticism and football don’t go together. LG has created a television that records so that you can watch everything that you missed and still do everything that you want.”

Click on the image below to play the video.


LG Because was developed at Euro RSCG Worldwide, Madrid, Spain, by creative directors Germán Silva and Eva Conesa, art director Paulo Cuellar, copywriters Andres Travi and Gus Leon.

Filming for Porques was shot by director Ferragut via Sopa De Toro.