Leopard is better and faster than Vista

PC and Mac have taken their Apple advertising campaign on to newspaper web sites with “Quote”. PC, John Hodgson, climbs a ladder from a skyscraper ad to reach a leader ad on the web site to deal with the Wall Street Journal headline at the top, “Leopard is better and faster than Vista”. All that’s required is a stapler and a sign saying “NOT”. Mac, Justin Long, is left to grin and grab the ladder.

Leopard better and faster than Vista ad on NY Times web site

Screen shot courtesy of Frunny

Click on the image below to play the video.

The ad takes on extra irony as the guys turn up on the New York Times site…


The Get A Mac campaign was developed at TBWA/Media Arts Lab by chief creative officer Lee chow, executive creative director Duncan Milner and Eric Grunbaum, creative director Jason Sperling, associate creative director/art director Chuck Monn, copywriter Alicia Dotter, lead interactive designer Ryan Conlan, agency producers Hank Zakroff and Perrin Raush, agency interactive producers Zach Leary and Joannah Bryan.

Filming was shot by director Phil Morrison via Epoch Films, with director of photography Mott Hupfel. Editing was done at Mad River Post by Val Thrasher. Post production was produced by Scott Johnson at Company 3 with colorist Stefan Sonnenfeld.