Lee LeeZardo launches SoBe Life Water

Lee LeeZardo and dancing colleagues have launched a new campaign for Pepsico’s SoBe Water, leading up to and during the Super Bowl. The first stop-motion animation teaser features the domesticated lizard (Gumby meets Geico Gecko) talking to his parents on the phone, warning them that he’ll be dancing naked with a super model during the first half of the game. What the teaser doesn’t tell us is that he’ll be joining Naomi Campbell to promote PepsiCo’s drink, SoBe Life Water.

Lee Leezardo speaks on the phone in his bathroom

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Episode 2, A Chance In Hell

Lee and Donny, dancer from the 2008 Sobe Life Water Super bowl commercial, take a break to discuss girl problems.

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And here’s the Super Bowl spot, with a remix of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, providing a link to the online campaign, www.thrillicous.com

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The Lee LeeZardo spot was developed at Arnell Group by Peter Arnell.

The teasers and web site were produced at Mekanism, San Francisco, the team responsible for the Microsoft Clearification campaign. See Lee’s MySpace site at www.myspace.com/leeleezardo.

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  • Jim Sredow

    After watching Naomi Cambell promoting Sobe Water, I certainly won’t be purchasing any of their products.

  • Venus

    This is the most obvious and unimaginative commercial I’ve seen. Is this what happens when dull marketers take over artistic vision or when some rich kid gets an in?

  • Nika

    Those 2 ^^^ must outta they mind. The commericals made with those lizards are the bomb, they jst dont have any taste in art with they wack asses!!!!!