Lawrence Springborg is Coming Soon

Leader of the Opposition in Queensland, Lawrence Springborg, has launched his presidential-style campaign for the hearts and minds of voters. Queensland National Springborg would like us to know that he’s back, on track, no matter what happens in the conversations between Liberal and National parties here. His message? “Together we’ll build a better Queensland”.

Lawrence Springborg Coming Soon

The TV ad, showing tonight, is currently online at the Queensland Nationals web site and at YouTube, hosted on his TheBorg09 channel.

Click on the image below to play the video.

The ad, a Flash/PowerPoint style of presentation, begins with a trumpet solo reminiscent of Wild West movies, Little House on the Praire, or Dances with Wolves.

We’re given a list of reasons we need the Liberals and Nationals to work together.

Because this (traffic snarls) is just crazy.
Because we should all feel safe.
Because our health system must be healthy.
Because this (low dam levels) should have been fixed years ago.
Because our future is in their (children) hands.
Because I (Lawrence Springborg) will deliver.

We’re given the link for

Up until the campaign launch visitors to the site were informed that Lawrence Springborg is coming soon, or his web site is coming soon. Now the site redirects to, providing positive messages from Springborg supporters, details on his tour of Queensland, and posts by supporters on the campaign blog.