Kurt Cobain’s Butt On eBay

The problem of cigarette butt litter is dealt with in an eBay auction for a cigarette butt plucked from a Nirvana show in Melbourne, Australia, on February 2, 1992. The cigarette butt is on auction, with a starting price of $500. Bids close on February 1, 2008.

Kurt Cobain smoking

Connorbeaver, the seller of Kurt Cobain’s butt, writes that he got the cigarette from his friend Carl, a glassy (worker in the bar) at the Palace during the afternoon all ages show. Kurt is said to have been smoking like crazy while the support act, the Meanies, was playing.

Kurt Cobain cigarette butt

“This butt is 13 years old but in amazing condition. Luckily butts are made of plastic acetates and are full of toxic chemicals that last forever. They are not made of paper and cotton, which is what most people mistakenly think.”

“So rest assured this valuable piece of rock n’ memorabilia will be a valuable part of any collection for years to come. Note: There’s even a little bit of tobacco left in the filter which is probably smokable, if you are a serious fan and want to be a little freaky.”


The eBay stunt was developed at Grey Melbourne, by executive creative director Ant Shannon, art director Connor Beaver and copywriter Ben Keenan.