Koleston Hair Lips for The Other You

Wella’s Koleston hair colouring cream was presented in this award winning print advertisement as the equivalent of lipstick for hair. There are as many variations in hair colour as there are lipstick. The tag line, “The other you”.

Koleston Hair Lips

The Koleston Hair Lips ad was developed at Leo Burnett Italia, Milan, by creative directors Sergio Rodriguez and Enrico Dorizza, art director Alessandro Padalino, art buyer Monica Moro, with photography produced at Studioros. “Hair Lips” won a Silver Press Lion at Cannes International Advertising Festival in June 2008.

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  • Charlene Henderson

    Good day,
    I am a business owner and have a great opportunity to announce. I am having a live show in Charlotte around the second week in November. The lips are beautiful and I would love to utilize them on some media promotions, such as flyers and website coverage. We are also looking for partnerships to make it even a more successful showing. Please let me know either way. It would be a pleasure and we would make sure all credits are appropriately displayed.