Kleenex for Countless Moments

Kimberly-Clark in Australia commissioned an anthem for Kleenex in 2007, a TV ad with the kinds of moments you won’t see on Funniest Home Videos. These are the real tear jerkers found at weddings, at the end of relationships, in the eyes of a lost child, and in the warm embrace of a soldier returned from service.

Kleenex Wedding moment

“For the past, for the future. For the lost, for the found. For the pleasure, for the pain. For the mending, for the broken. Countless Moments. One Tissue. Kleenex.”

Click on the image below to play the video.


Filming was shot by Glendyn Ivin, Exit Films, with director of photography Adam Arkapaw and producer Jane Linscombe.

The ad can be downloaded as a Windows Media video (WMV) at Kleenex Australia. The director’s version at Exit Films includes a shot of a football player in pain.

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