Kiwibank Resistance Movement

Kiwibank is reminding New Zealanders of their unique status as a New Zealand entity in Resistance Movement, a challenge to the Australian acquisition of New Zealand banks. Listen for strains of the New Zealand national anthem. Look out for the recurring appearance of the Smart Car, symbol of the Smart Bank. The campaign can be found online at

Resistance woman in NZ

A woman sits in an interrogation room, speaking to two Australian banking executives.

“You look worried. Things not going according to plan? After invading you thought we’d all knuckle under I suppose. Play your game. (Australian bankers storm a NZ beach, yelling Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie, Oi Oi Oi!) You’re here for us, you said. One of us. And all the time billions of Kiwi dollars are shipped across the Tasman.”

Australian banking invasion of New Zealand

“But while you’re counting your profits you didn’t count on the resistance. It started with a lone voice (Nice night for it). Then more and more followed. We moved quickly. Always one jump ahead. We were everywhere, in places you couldn’t even pronounce.” (should be pronounced Fa-Ka-Ta-Nay)

Whakatane and Tauranga sign

Now the bells of financial freedom chime for all! From the sun scorched plonk vines of Central Otago to the shy and sensitive personal trainers of Ponsonby. And while we’re changing the face of banking all you can do is watch, helpless, twitching. Face it boys. The tide is turning and it ain’t going your way.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Resistance Movement campaign was developed at Ogilvy Auckland by executive creative director oy Meares, account manager Miriam Wilkins, head of TV production Nick Barnes, planner Michael Prentice.

Filming was shot by director Richard Gibson via Luscious Films with producer Lucas Jenner.