Justin Timberlake in Pepsi Magnetic Attraction

Justin Timberlake stars as the focus of a Pepsi music promotion in Magnetic Attraction, an ad being launched at the Super Bowl. Timberlake starts the clip in a bar, Southern Hospitality, telling his mate with the straws in his nose, “It’s not really that funny. It’s childish and immature”. At that moment Timberlake is dragged backwards through the front doors, across the street, up buildings, through a river, a womens football game, a busy intersection and into the yard of a woman sucking on her Pepsi. Along the way he’s drenched, tackled, slammed into a mailbox and involved in a collision with a car door. He gets a look at Andy Samberg in a dress and blonde wig.

Justin Timberlake eyeballs car bumper in Pepsi ad

The voiceover: “Every sip gets you closer to Justin Timberlake mp3s, HD TVs, millions of songs from AmazonMp3 and more. Sign up at pepsistuff.com

Click on the image below to play the video.

And here’s an extended version of the ad, providing the perspective of Andy Samberg.

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Magnetic Attraction was developed at BBDO New York, by chief creative officer David Lubars and Bill Bruce, executive creative director Don Schneider, art director Matt Vescovo, copywriter Dan Rollman, music producer Loren Parkins and executive producer Hyatt Choate.

Filming was shot by director Craig Gillespie via MJZ with director of photography Chris Soos. Editor was Tom Muldoon at Nomad. Music was arranged Sound Lounge.

Music is Lovestoned, by Justin Timberlake.