Justice DVNO Channels 1980s Graphics Music Video

French electronic music duo Justice, Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay, have released a music video for their track DVNO. The lyrics for DVNO (standing for Divino as in Club Divino) are sung by sung by Mehdi Pinson from Scenario Rock, accompanied by a series of TV channel ident graphics that belong in the 1980s.

Justice DVNO

Click on the image below to play the video.


Director Yorgo Tloupas worked with French motion design and post production company Machine Molle and Paris designer So Me. Record label is Ed Banger Records.

Lyrics for DVNO

It’s always the same
always the same story
“Tell me what, when I can come in”
To a hopeless troglodyte
But one more time
my answer stands
I swear I mean “no opens”
But you better learn to read
it’s all ’bout membership

Hey, for you to note
Ugly girls and boys
I put you on my list
And make you clap to this
But, man, I just don’t that trip
My only one commune
And soon you’re saying different

[Chorus x2]
Four capital letters
Printed in gold
‘Cause details make the girls sweat even more
while they’re shaking their belt
No need to ask my name
to figure out how cool I am

[Refrain x2]
Can anyone read, anyone feel
That I’m losing my patience
I just came here to bounce
Ladies are all waxed
They all now I’m coming
I’m losing my patience
I just came here to bounce

[Chorus x2]