Jim Beam The Bourbon Campaign

Jim Beam has relaunched the irreverent “The Bourbon” campaign in Australia, aiming at male sports fans during the Beijing Olympics. The latest two commercials continue the series of scantily clad women talking up male fantasies. The ads point to web sites, theneigbours.com.au and thestalker.com.au, both of which are presently closed. Despite the lack of online backup, blokes can be assured that if they fit the stereotype, Jim Beam is the bourbon for them.

Jim Beam Neighbours from Sweden

The Neighbours

A Swedish sunbather talks about the wonders of wearing nothing. She and her sunbathing friend have no respect for the Australian expectations of slip, slip and slap. “Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie, get off your cozzie!”

The Stalker

A woman in a bar reveals that she’s been stalking her ex boyfriend after two years, despite the restraining order.

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The Girlfriend

A woman with a foreign accent talks about her boyfriend. She likes guys who have a little bit fat and watch the football. She doesn’t care what he gets up to at the pub.

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The Tradegy

A woman confides that she’s really into women. Men don’t do it for her.

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The Party

A woman tells her taxi driver about the party she’s just been to, with two guys and hundreds of attractive women, footy on the screen, and wrestling in bikinis.

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The Bourbon campaign was developed at The Works, Sydney, by creative director Damian Pincus, copywriter Sophie Farquhar, art director Christie Wotton and directed by Kevin Macmillan, via Mosaic Films with producers Craig Bolles and Celeste Wilde. Media was placed by Razor.

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