Jeep Fun in the Storm

New Zealanders in the last week have been recovering from severe weather. Lightening the mood slightly was a Youtube video of a large tree falling in a Nelson public carpark, almost hitting a car. Colenso 99 Auckland provided a video response promoting the Jeep brand proposition of ‘Have fun out there’.

Jeep climbs over tree in Nelson storm

What would have happened if a jeep driver had been in the car park as well? The viral campaign was launched the day after news coverage of the event.


The viral campaign was developed at Colenso .99, Auckland, by executive creative director Craig Whitehead, creative director Craig Pethybridge, art director Raymond McKay, agency producer Vicki O’Leary, senior account director Matt Dickinson, with motion graphic artist Joerg Fuchs and retoucher Michael Currie.

The Original Footage

The genuine nature of the video is confirmed by the way the microphone picks up the wind at the end of the shot.

Click on the image below to play the video.