It all begat with God

Womens magazine Marie Claire in Australia has connected with the media focus on religion brought about by the Roman Catholic Church’s World Youth Day in Sydney. Sydney advertising companies were approached with the brief of exploring the relevance of Jesus Christ. McCann Sydney’s response was a series of print advertisements making the connections between Jesus and popular culture of the 21st Century. The three ads in the series play on the genealogies used in the gospel of Matthew. Begat is the past tense for beget, a word meaning ‘be the parent of’.

“Christians believe that God created everything, so with tongue firmly planted in cheek, we wanted to show that the influence of Christianity is more far-reaching than we give it credit for.”

Jesus and the links with Sienna Miller

Jesus begat kaftans begat hippies begat boho begat Sienna Miller (fashion designer)

Jesus and the links with Havaianas sandals

Jesus begat sandals begat thongs begat Havaianas

Jesus and the links with Snoop Dogg

Jesus begat gospel begat soul begat funk begat hip hop begat Snoop Dogg.


The Begat With God campaign was developed at McCann Sydney, Australia, by creative director David Brownlow, art director Sarah Keene, copywriter Brendan Willenberg, with imagery from Jupiter Images.