The Inspiration Room is Adobe Site of the Day

The Inspiration Room has just been named Adobe Site of the Day. Adobe describes the site as a “comprehensive repository for a wide variety of high-quality designs”, showing where a little imagination and a few Adobe tools, such as Flash, Flash Player, Flex, and Illustrator, can take you.

The INspiration Room September 2008

Adobe Site of the Day badgeThe Inspiration Room is a creativity-focused site built mostly in Australia and emerging as a global effort designed to influence, affect, and involve creative communities in the development of a world standard for inspiration. The site is designed to host the most creative advances in graphic design, illustration, ads, show reels, music videos, and photography.

As a team we’re excited about the chance to showcase groundbreaking data visualisation technology. Customised filters, animation and use of visual objects combine to create an enjoyable and intuitive search process.

The Inspiration Room Daily, the blog/magazine launched in August which you’re reading now, is mentioned by Adobe for it’s availability as a daily e-newsletter. The Inspiration Room also includes access to AdWeek, New York Times, Reuters, Brand Republic, and BBC news feeds.

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