Inghams Help for Non Chicken Eaters

Inghams, the Australian poultry production company, is reinforcing the Inghams brand with a series of television commercials supposedly aimed at ‘non chicken eaters’. Of course, this campaign will do nothing for vegetarians or people who have bought into the Sam Neill red meat message about chicken. But it will reinforce the Ingham brand for those who are rather partial to poultry food products.

Ingham Call Centre

If you don’t like chicken there is something very wrong with you. If you are one of the 14 estimated people in Australia who don’t like chicken there is help online at A number of products have been designed to help you pass as a chicken consumer, keeping your sad affliction a secret.

Fragrance Spray

If you don’t like the idea of Ingham chicken tenders there’s still hope for you. The Ingham Chicken Fragrance can be used in your car or in your home to create just the right impression.

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Flat Pack

Ingham’s chicken nuggets not your thing? If you’re not into chicken, you can still use chicken packaging to give the impression that you do.

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Ingham’s Chicken Kiev not turn you on? When you’re not too sure about what to say at the water cooler, talk about chicken.

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The Inghams Help Line campaign was developed at Clemenger BBDO, Sydney, by executive creative director Richard Maddocks, senior art director Kevin MacNamara, senior copywriter Sean Lavery, agency executive producer Denise McKeon, account manager Angus Hosie, planner Paul Blockey, and agency producer Laura O’Connor.

Filming was shot by director Eden Diebel via Film Construction with producer John Lamble.

Post production was done at Bean Colour.

  • Jane Parker

    The Ingham chicken ad is very offensive.

    Just because I am not thick enough TO WANT TO EAT CHICKENS WHO HAVE STOOD IN THEIR OWN FAECES AND URINE FOR WEEKS BEFORE BEING SLAUGHTERED – this happens to all these factory farmed animals, such as pigs in Australia.

    I have read stories in the United States that faeces ends up on the chicken meat and they sell it.

    Also I hear chickens had their heads, legs and wings ripped off while still alive. Why would I want to support this torture by eating chickens?

    I really would not eat chicken since I read on the Howard Lyman website that 90% of chickens slaughtered in the United States have leukosis which is chicken cancer.

    And here’s a story about how well chickens are treated:

    > vergrößern
    By Twyla Francois
    At Animals’ Angels, we do something called a Wailing Wall as a kind of memorandum for animals who have touched us in a particular way. While in Toronto, Ontario on investigation into the Maple Leaf chickens slaughter plant located in the city, I saw an empty chicken transport trailer. It was completely clean (it had just gone through their pressure washer), except for one tiny chicken foot that had become lodged in one of the red and yellow crates. I though it important to give the owner of this foot a name, and to tell her story as I imagine it might have been.
    Jane was a baby broiler chicken who lived in a barren, crowded, filthy barn with 5,000 to 50,000 other baby birds. Bred to grow too quickly, she most likely suffered from crippling skeletal problems, and the foot that was left behind in the trailer could well have been part of a leg that was in constant pain.
    When the day came for her to be trucked to slaughter, Jane would have still been a baby, blue-eyed and peeping, only 42 days old. Terrified, she would have been violently yanked by her feet and carried upside down with three or four other terrified birds and shoved roughly into a transport crate. Here in Canada, she could have been trucked for up to 36 hours without food or water in the cold and rain.
    It was probably at the slaughterhouse that Jane’s leg was amputated. Probably as she was being ripped from the crate, her foot jammed, and her body was pulled and separated from her leg. She would have screamed, but no one would have heard.
    Inside the slaughterhouse, Jane’s other leg was snapped into a shackle, where she hung, upside down from the conveyer belt, with her heart beating in terror, and her bleeding leg stump, and quite possibly she slipped from the shackle and fell to the floor before they cut her throat. With only one leg and one bleeding stump, she would have flopped around on the slippery surface of the kill floor, until someone kicked her, or threw her against the wall, or worse (as numerous investigations have shown).
    If Jane was rehung in the shackle (as often happens), chances are she did not enter the electrified “stun” bath properly, but “properly” or otherwise, she suddenly feels to the core of her skeleton violent electric shocks pulsing and boring through her face, her eyes, her eardrums, her feathers, her skin, and her internal organs down through her legs and into her feet – into her foot and her leg stump. Now, she is not only mutilated but immobilized, because as research has shown, the electrified water bath stunner is not designed to relieve pain and suffering, but only to paralyze a chicken’s muscles so that her feathers will come out more easily after she (or he) is dead.
    Conscious, mutilated, pulsing with the burning sensations of the electric shocks – unable to move or cry out – Jane was dumped with other chickens into a tank of scalding water, and no one saved her. All that remained was her story to tell, the story that I saw imprinted in her sad, helpless little foot left behind in the trailer, recalling the life of Jane, a baby broiler chicken who was tortured to death.

    Proud of your advert now? Or don’t you have a conscience?

  • Too bad you didnt post the one video that actually matters:

    The RESPONSE to the Ingham Chicken Ada:

    Bon Apetite.

  • What the hell is this?

    “If you don’t like chicken there is something very wrong with you.”

    Creating causes like this one will NOT make non-chicken eaters eat chicken, it will piss them off and really give them a reason not to eat it!

    Obviously, because I don’t eat chicken and I’m pretty pissed off.

  • Jippo

    I love Chicken! In faeces, who cares! It would taste even better!

  • nathan

    haha non chicken eaters are such sooks the only reason i came on here was to get the video to laugh at all the non chicken eaters i know

    chicken is the best food and it can be cooked so many ways so if you care about the tourture and such of chickens go over to iraq or afghanistan and then you will have something to complain about chickens dont have feelings we do and we all feel good when we bite into the tender meat

  • michael darbyshire

    your recent ad just shows how out of touch you people are.Your ad was patronising and insulting.Did you do no research it appears not.As usual you decided you know best.I will go out of my way not to buy your products and encourage all and sundry likewise.Sorry about the big words I realize it is probably above your childish level.

  • Dana


  • Jesse

    This ad is hilarious, who cares its a great ad either way

  • Soph

    Hey! The first person needs to lighten up… maybe have some chicken, i dunno. Maybe a nice juicy Kiev, maybe a chicken and salad sandwich. But i think us chicken eaters must eat out chicken with pride. Let us band together and randomly throw chicken facts (GOOD ONES) into conversations. As for the poo on chickens feet thing don’t worry mate, we in Ostraaalya so our chickens are awesome and happy. People check these things. If youre gonna have a whinge tho then go freerange.
    Why did the chicken cross the road?
    (fill in the blank)

  • chicken lovers!

    it is JUST A JOKE!!!!

  • shyla.

    it’s only a joke, don’t take it so seriously.

  • Chicken Eating Protester Reg.No551

    i love chicken what the hell are you on about bra haven’t you ever had kfc? yewwwwwwwww

    read the name braz. don’t be offended.. im not

  • some 1

    I love the add n googled it cos I want some posters too put up in my counselling room…..I thought it would b a gr8 chance to lighten the kiddies day up bit!!!!
    Mayb Im wrong! Didnt think people would b sooo offended, it seemed this campaign was made to make us chicken eaters think brand names when buying our chicken…..a add to plug to chicken eaters…Dont think they were pickin on vegeterians…..Oh well… hope uz dont feel 2 bad about it!

  • ronnyjnrjnr

    boohoo eat free range cickens then u sook. eat chicken eat chicken eat chicken. turn the ad over go and complain to the other 13 people who dont like chicken like u

  • ?????????

    I ATE chicken untill i saw this add !!!!!!!

  • Adam

    Why on earth do people have to overreact and take umbridge at the smallest things? These ads aren’t meant to poke fun at people who don’t eat chicken; they’re intended to give us a laugh! What has happened to the renowned Australian sense of humour?

  • Adam

    Further to my last comment: I don’t believe that these ads are pitched at vegetarians- nobody is trying to force you to eat chicken. Nobody even really cares if you do.

    I must say I find it hypocritical of the vegetarians in this forum to be up in arms about this supposed attempt by meat eaters to pitch chicken eating at them, given the fact that vegetarians (not meat eaters) take to the streets to tell others that their lifestyles are wrong.

  • ANNE

    Does anyone know the name of the actress in the Ingham Chicken ad – “If you don’t like chicken there is something very wrong with you.” ?

  • Peter

    I’m sure Ingams and all of us chicken eaters are really not worried about the 0.001% (or 14) of Australians who don’t like chicken.

    The ads are there to tell us Ingams is a fun, hip, quality brand.

    And by the way if you request the flat pack boxes, Ingahms do send them out for free. Win-win!

  • Claire

    I love chicken!
    I reckon this add isn’t about pissing people off its about just being hilarious!!
    My fave is the water cooler conversation!!
    I like ur shoes….of course i like chicken!

  • nonie di mercurio

    Hi I would like to say that it doesnt matter if you eat chickens or not….its about how we treat another life with respect…as it has been proven all our DNA is related….so what we accept either as an individual or as a society in treating animals disrespectfully and with cruelty is really saying how we can be treated also….chickens and all animals including fish have feelings…sorry Nathan…they have a nervous system which have receptors for pain…like us….free range anything including people are happier and healthier…it is our responsibility to look after each other…. we can eat what we choose just that some people (including the 14 non chicken eaters) are more aware of inhumane acts of unnecessary suffering.
    Everyone have a happy and healthy New Year because you can.

  • ecochick1800

    They are funny ads, but they do push it a bit far that ‘if you don’t like chicken, there is something seriously wrong with you’. More and more people are going veg, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with them, in fact, people who do support this sickly company are quite naive, coz inghams is a very bad offender when it comes to the treatment of its animals. I still eat chicken, as humans are intended to, but i only eat it if i know the chicken had a reasonably good life. Ps, im only 14.

  • Cassie

    If they really cared about the treatment of chickens, would they make a video such as this? I don’t think so. I refuse to eat any meat, let alone dairy. So really, sending up people like myself because we chose not to feed our selves piles of diseases and harmless animals, isn’t really fair let alone responsible for a company as big as this is it?

  • Cassie

    And and btw in relation to adams comment, most vegans i know do not go out and preach about how everybody elses lifestyle is wrong, im heathier than most meat eaters i know but yet many people tell me my lifestyle is wrong. HA!

  • Megan

    I think the ad is not directed at non-chicken eaters. If you listen to the way that she says ‘If you don’t like chicken there is something seriously wrong with you’, her tone and mood isnt exactly serious. It’s called a joke.

    The ideas for chicken smell spray and water cooler conversations are obviously ridiculious but funny. They are not serious ideas and I think people should not be taking these ads so seriously.

    I think they are hilarious.