Ikea Change for Couples

IKEA in Australia has picked up the real life feelings associated with choosing furniture in a television advertising campaign launched recently. “Change is good”, the tagline, is connected with tense marital situations resolved, we assume, by visiting IKEA.

IKEA couple talk about change

This is not what I want

A woman stands at the window. Her partner sits on the bed, concerned to hear her say, “This is not what I want”.


A couple sit on the couch. She says, “I could do with a little more support”.


A woman in the kitchen tells her partner, “I just need more space”.


The IKEA Change series was developed at 303 Advertising, Perth by creative director Julian Watt, copywriter Mark Fretten, art director Richard Berney, agency producer Phoebe Dunn, account team members Alan Taylor, Tracey Wilson, Jane Natalizio and Lee Vivian, working with IKEA marketing staff Beni Hansen and Laura Radovan.

Filming was shot by director Robert Forsyth via Factor 30, Perth, with producer Ryan Hodgson.