TAC If You Drive On Drugs

TAC, Victoria’s Traffic Accident Commission, has launched a new public education campaign targeting young people who indulge in illegal party drugs, in an effort to tackle drug driving and reduce trauma on Victorian roads. The tagline, “If you drive on drugs you’re out of your mind”, is used in print and television advertising.

Cannabis license plate in TAC Cell TV ad

License Plate States

The print advertising campaign plays on the meanings of the word “State”. Every license plate in Australia indicates the state in which the vehicle is registered. Here we’re shown Cannabis A Paranoid State, Ecstacy A Delusional State, and Speed An Erratic State.

Cannabis license plate in TAC Cell TV ad

Cannabis license plate in TAC Cell TV ad

The Cell

A drug driver sits in a police cell, with flashbacks to the journey that brought him there.

Drug driver in TAC Cell TV ad

We see the young man experiencing blurred peripheral vision and displaying a sense of over confidence in his driving. Despite his friend’s encouragement, the driver is not able to take in the full road environment. He drives over rather than around a roundabout, runs a red light, and before he knows it, has been involved in a pedestrian casualty.

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The Drink Driver campaign was developed at Grey Melbourne, Australia by executive creative director Ant Shannon, creative director Nigel Dawson, art directors Connor Beaver and Holly Whittaker, copywriter Ben Keenan, agency producer Sandi Gracin.

Photographer was Rod Shaffer.

Filming was shot by Julius Avery at Renegade Films, Melbourne, with producer Joe Connor.