IDN Magazine on Infographics

The August/September issue of IdN magazine has just hit the streets. IDN (International Designers Network) in this issue takes on the theme, we heart infographics, the practice of bringing dull and boring data to life. IDN, based in Hong Kong, features people from around the world who are challenged and inspired by infographics: Catalogtree, Dave Bowker, Nicholas Felton, Lamosca, Number 27, Plusminus, Polar, SPVZ, Timm Kekeritz and Troikart.

IDN We Heart Infographics

Infographics are not restricted to a print format – they have been widely used in the motion world, be it for music videos or opening-title sequences on the big screen. IDN focuses on four well-known creative studios that have had extensive experience with ‘infomotion’: H5, Impactist, Pic Agency and Süperfad.


IDN Magazine comes with a DVD jam packed with clips and commercials. Pick of the month includes clips and commercials by Marguerite Sauvage, Martha Sue, Midori Kawano and Colophon 2009. The disk includes motion graphics by Süperfad, H5, Impactist, PIC Agence, and Timm Kekeritz. Short films include MTV Networks International, Burma Viral by Shilo, the Zune Arts Piece of Me, Piece of You by Three Legged Legs and 72andSunny, Lilium Urbanus by Anca Risca & Joji Tsuruga, Shadows MV for Double U by tomadutter, Gravel MV for Orba Square by Lovely. Production work on commercials is presented by Independent Films, Massmarket, BrandNewSchool, Meta Design, Logan, Onedotzero Industries and Shilo.

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