Hyundai In Like Flynn

Tony Williams has come out with a sequel to the controversial Hyundai Santa Fe commercial, Restless, with a new TV ad featuring young children, this time involving the Hyundai i30. Dante, the hero of the first commercial returns to save Sienna in a driving and rescue sequence more elaborate than the original. Dante learnt to drive and surf as a 2 year and now heโ€™s taken his driving skills and added acrobatics to his resume.

Dante in Hyundai i30 commercial

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The “In Like Flynn” ad was developed for Hyundai at Assignment Group NZ by creatives Howard Grieve and Kim Thorp, with producer Juliet Dreaver.

Filming was shot by director Tony Williams via Sydney Film Company, with director of photography John Blick, producer Maggie Lewis and editor Charles Ivory.

Visual effects and post production were done at Frame Set & Match by Flame artist Stuart Cadzow, 3D artist Jamie Dower and colourists Dave Pickett and Crash Carlucci.

In Like Flynn

The phrase, “In Like Flynn”, is a reference to a speedy and effective romantic gesture. It is thought to be associated with the romantic parts played by Australian actor Errol Flynn.

  • Kaye Moule

    Would have to be the best adds ever made. Was sorry to see the 1st one takaen off air. Believe they got a whole 70 complaints from the anti-everything brigade. Glad to see this one. Keep up the good work

  • jeremy

    can anyone tell me the name of the artist and song used in this ad?

    Great ad too

  • Seb

    It’s called Come to Me by Koop feat. Yukimi Nagano. Cool song aye! ๐Ÿ™‚