Hunting is Safer on the Sofa with Cabela’s

Hunting is much safer on the sofa than in the wilds. That’s the message, loud and clear, in this piece of dark humour featuring a couple of characters hunting for deer in the deep backwoods of the United States. Duelling banjos, playing “Old McDonald had a Farm”, give the feel of the 1972 movie Deliverance.

Deer Hunters in Cabela's Hunting Grand Slam for XBox 360 ad

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Safer on the Sofa was developed at McCann Erickson Singapore by copywriter Craig Rosenthal, art director Ivan Hady Wibowo, creative director Ng Tian It, and agency producer Jude Doss.

Filming was shot by director Patrick Hughes via Radical Media with director of photography Tim Hudson, executive producer Rob Galluzzo and producer Kim Kirby.

Cabela’s Grand Slam Hunting

Cabela’s Grand Slam Hunting game, associated with Nebraskan hunting supplies company Cabela’s, was released on XBox 360 as a follow up to the PC games released by Activision.