How to make Instant Noodles

My Lotto, an online NZ Lotteries gambling product, was promoted with a print advertisement featuring instructions for making instant noodles.

“Open Packet. Put noodles in bowl. Add flavouring sachet. Pour boiling water over noodles. Put noodles in microwave for three minutes. Open laptop. Go to Buy a big Wednesday ticket for tonight’s draw. Imagine nnever eating instant noodles again. Close laptop. Go back to microwave. Stare at bowl turning around. Open fridge. Drink some milk from bottle. Realise it’s expired. Make gagging sound. Hear beep from microwave. Take noodles out. Eat noodles.”

How to make instant noodles with Instant Kiwi


The Instant noodles ad was developed at DDB New Zealand by executive creative director Toby Talbot, deputy creative director/creative Regan Grafton, deputy creative director Bridget Taylor, creatives Carlos Savage, Damian Galvin, art director Mike Davison, senior account director Andrew Stephenson, senior account manager Joni Rogers, typographer/creative designer Karla Burke, typesetter Tara McLeod.

How to Make Instant Noodles was named Ad of the Month at the Newspapers Advertising Bureau in June 2008.