How do you like your Vegemite?

Australians are brought up to love Vegemite, a dark brown paste made from the yeast byproducts of brewing. Well many do. In fact it’s a bit like Marmite in the UK, you either love it or hate it. But Kraft is not taking the love it or hate line.

Vegemite Census screen shot

Instead Australians are being asked “how” they like their Vegemite in a census on what has become known as an iconic Australian spread. The campaign is online at


The Vegemite census was developed at JWT Melbourne by executive creative director Richard Muntz, art director Keith Nicholas, copywriter Scott Glennon, art director Jason Ryan and agency producer Pip Hemming.

Filming was shot by Matt Kamen via The Guild with director of photography Ellery Ryan, producer Chris Kamen and editor Jo Scott.

  • Susan Hopton

    I have always loved my Vegemite spread thickly on top of Peanut Butter.

  • samantha humphries

    baked beans
    fried eggs
    salt&vinegar chips

  • samantha humphries

    peanut butter

  • zara

    i luvvvvv vegimite heated up in a roll with cheese or on toast…. mmmm x

  • gwenda earl

    I love vegemite on toast with jam or honey.

  • jack

    i love vegemite on bread with sliced banana

  • Jack

    I love vegemite with pancakes and sugar – “Dessert Vegemite”

  • lorraine

    When I was younger and not feeling well my Mum used to make me vegemite soup.

  • Christine Pollock

    I love vegemite with toast, cheese and poached eggs

  • jordii

    i love it how my mum makes it..
    its the same way i do but there is just something different bout it…
    i cld live of it…=]

  • Carlene

    I LOOOOOOve my vegimite with peanut butter and chips cruched on top.Hummm.:)

  • Carlene

    Vergimite, vegimite,vegimite!!!
    Yes it is the best.

  • Wendy Thomas

    I love Vegimite and cheese on toast.

  • jess smith

    vegimite, cheese, & sprouts on toast

  • Lionel

    I like my Vegemite in the bin. Cause it tastes like shit.

  • Krystle

    I agree with Lionel

  • i like my vegimite with tomato sauce and cream

  • greg

    i like my vegemite spread thickly on fresh white bread with leftover roast lamb or beef in a sandwich

  • jerry

    i looooove my vegimite wrapped in pstry with cheese backed. yummmmm!

    and i also love it on toast (like everyone)

  • Tia

    I like my Vegiemite by it self on a spoon and also more traditionally on toast with butter.

  • By tania

    I like vegimite with pasta and lots of butter melted in the pasta

  • Teegan

    I like my vegimite spreaded out on celery also on carrots on a spoon on crackers
    😀 im obbsesed

  • Melissa

    I love my vegemite spread lightly over really hot toast that has the butter melted on it. So yummy!

  • Bobby

    I love my vegemite on toast with scrambled eggs and tomato sauce.
    I am desperate to try everyone elses ideas.

  • Bianca

    my mum always got mehh to try all different things together that she thought was yum and this was one nd im fourteen nd trying new things so yer

    vegemite on two pieces of toast with cheese slices and lots of macaronni nd salt and vinegar chips

    it sounds disgusting buh dont dis it unless you try it buh if u try it nd dont like it reply nd let me no okey dokey


  • Bianca

    thats so YUMMY!!! try my way though so so different but also very yummy if not more

  • jodz

    i like my vegemite in a toasty toasty, thikly spread with melted cheese.yum yum!!!!!!

  • Vladdz

    Hahaha, Thats my cousin in the red apron, i love her. (:

  • steve.m

    sread over the top of leg of lamb as a baste. try it you wont ever eat a roast lamb any other way trust me.

  • Tahnee

    I like my vegimite with hot sliced bread and melted butter on it, with the vegimite smoothly spread on it.

  • Katie sinclair

    Ilike my vegemite on bread,rolls,cirkits,ricecakes and like it spread everywhere

  • vicki reid

    my daughter loves her vegimite in a sandwich with jam.

  • Joe Cox

    I like my vegimite on fruit toast

  • Kirsten Narkle

    i like vegemite with chesse and ham
    on thick bread

  • Taren

    we used to mix in a teaspoon of vegimite into our mashed potatoe or mashed pumpkin… yummy

  • peter mkc

    i like my vegimite with butter on a fruit finger bun with icing…

  • skye

    i like my vegimite spread on pastry sheets topped with mashed potato and sprinkle with cheese roll em up and cook in oven til golden brown … and try and keep me away yummmmmmmy

  • lesley

    I love vegemite spread on steak before you cook it, taste unreal

  • christablur

    I like my vegimite on pancakes dipped in red wine it gets soggy and taste beautiful.

  • Debbie G

    I like a vegemite and lettuce sandwich.

  • jen b

    love vegemite can’t live without have it on toast and vita wheats every day love it by itself or with avo

  • Ryan Evans

    i love vegimite with a little bit of butter and a heap of vegimite on weat bix

  • Sam Uebergang

    I like vegemite on toast with honey – both spread fairly thick.

  • scuba

    nothing like a dash of the old brown stuff in mash potato and pumkin…..try it b4 u knock it ….DO IT!!!

  • scuba+

    and……..yes to the vegimite and lettuce sandwich,

  • marissa

    i hate vegimite it’s yuck

  • Emma

    I like my vegemite on my wheetbix.

  • i like my vegimite on white bread only.
    i like it when u put vegimite on both peices of the bread. stick some cheese (real cheese, not that plastic crap) on both peices and put some vegimite on top of the cheese and then sandwhich them and then toast it mmmmm MMmmm

  • Danni

    i like my VEGEMITE with………
    apple stroop
    weet bix
    just right cerial
    heaps of butter/margarine
    salt + vinager chips
    and a lot of other things
    trust me
    also trie vegemite+strawberrie+cream+choclate toppping and sprinklesand milo on top

  • Muppet Sweden

    I also love peanut butter and vegemite at the same time! I do however realise that I am totally insane and that no rational and normal person would even contemplate eating such a terrible mix of foods. Both foods alone are great, but I understand they do not mix. I am just CRAZY!

    I apologise to my boyfriend for even getting him to try it as I realise he thought it was disgusting.