How do you like your Vegemite?

Australians are brought up to love Vegemite, a dark brown paste made from the yeast byproducts of brewing. Well many do. In fact it’s a bit like Marmite in the UK, you either love it or hate it. But Kraft is not taking the love it or hate line.

Vegemite Census screen shot

Instead Australians are being asked “how” they like their Vegemite in a census on what has become known as an iconic Australian spread. The campaign is online at


The Vegemite census was developed at JWT Melbourne by executive creative director Richard Muntz, art director Keith Nicholas, copywriter Scott Glennon, art director Jason Ryan and agency producer Pip Hemming.

Filming was shot by Matt Kamen via The Guild with director of photography Ellery Ryan, producer Chris Kamen and editor Jo Scott.

  • Muppet Sweden’d Nerdy Boyfriend

    I wish to correct this last comment…

    The peanut butter and vegemite toast I was kindly fed by my darling girlfriend Muppet Sweden was actually quite delicious.
    It was simply a new flavour sensation and one that is only appreciated by the finest of food connoisseurs.
    To be honest my head was still quite in the clouds from our night of wild passion and I wasn’t thinking properly when I initially tasted it.
    I’ve now come to my senses and must concede that Peanut Butter and Vegemite on toast is the BEST! As is Miss Sweden who is truly an angel for bringing such a treat into my life.

    Let the record show this as fact for all of internet eternity; that I, Muppet Sweden’s Boyfriend, like Peanut Butter and Vegemite on toast.

    The End

  • Tyler Kell

    I love my Vegemite spread to the edges on toast, then covered in honey. i also like my Vegemite covered in avacardo and BBQ sauce on the toast, and after that i toast/cook it as a sandwich.

  • Elaine

    I like my vegimite in a sealed jar. I don’t like the smell, I don’t like the taste but my kids and grandkids love it – so please improve the smell!!

  • layla mackenzie

    I like my vegemite on a piece of ham with honey on the top!!!!!!!!!

  • Simon and his son James

    We are lowlanders ( not much vegimite )

  • Georgie Christopher

    I love my Vegemite Australian Made!!!
    Well I used to 😉

  • david

    yum yum yum I add vegimite to my soups and stews i like it on toast with a egg

  • green fam

    Love vegemite on toasted buttered crumpet.

  • johnathon

    i like my vegimite on toast with melted butter

  • johnathon

    i like my vegimite on toast with melted butter and only a smigen of vegimite.

  • Miick J

    Vegimite as a spread Im not so keen on but heres a few good ideas:add to mash potatoe.a little in the roast meat gravy.exellent boost for beef & blackbean stirfry,a t spoon in the beef and veg soup works a treat.Remember VEGIMITE is a powerful flavor so steady as you go a little at a time.

  • Jarrad

    vegemite is to strong i only like it on toast and only a very small amount out of 10 4/10
    id rather nuttela but vegemite should have stayed in australia but the americans took it like they take every thing no offence 2 the usa
    Go Australia and remember 2 watch the nrl worldcup because nrl is the greatest game of all…

  • cilla

    i love putting vegemite in gravy. on weetbix with butter and vegemite, and of course toast cant live without it carry a jar and tube everywhere on holidays kids love it toooooooo.

  • Bad

    Loves his vegemite with cheese and chives

  • maude

    I love my vegemite on toast with heaps of butter and the toast must be cold and also like it on cheese scones

  • breeana

    i like my vegimte with melted butter and just a little bit of vegimite and it needs to be over the whole piece of toast i really only injoy it on toast!! its good with cheese

  • Ric M

    Hi Guys, I’ve just heard the Vegemite 1 billionth Jar still hasn’t been found…anyway only 4 days left of the competition and thought I’d give the word up…over $200K first prize…and heaps of other prizes!! I say lets buy up big, has to be out there somewhere in Aus?!?! love Nudist x

  • Ozzie

    For such an iconic Aussie product I can’t believe how many of you “true blue” Aussies can’t spell it! It’s Vegemite! That’s one i only. Just for the record, vegemite goes with anything. Try lettuce and sardine sandwiches, chocolate doughnuts, polly waffles and cherry ripes. Yes, all with Vegemite. My personal favourite is vegemite with chillies and parmesan on cold pizza. Who says Aussies don’t know what gourmet food is!

  • macka

    i like it on toast,bread with tomato and vegimite,with egg ,b/beans,spagetti,you gota like it.

  • maddie.

    i like my vegiemite on a spoon by itself yummmmmy!!! 😛

  • cindy

    i love a nice hot cuppa and vegiemite on toast and dip it in my cuppa or it goes well in a nice hot stew

  • Valerie

    I love my vegemite swirled onto thick butter, on a thin RICE CAKE, topped with a cheese slice and another thin RICE CAKE. It is so yummy that I sometimes have a second one!!!

  • jodie khann

    I love my vegimite with lots of butter on toast

  • Rohan


  • some kool as guy

    i like my vegemite spread across ya mums body in a very sexual way

  • Trish

    I love my vegemite on sao or crips bisciuts with butter and vegemite then cheese on top .YUMMMy

  • Jason W

    I like vegemite, thingly scrapped on toast or on chunchy crips biscuits (savoy’s or sao’s) !!!

  • tara

    i like my vegemite with avocado it yummy as u should try it

  • Murray McGorlick

    I like to paint with Vegemite, its the best ever, i can lick my fingers while i’m working…Yummm

  • danielle

    i love my vegemite on toast with butter !! yummmmmmmmmm

  • Elizabeth Smith

    I like my vegemite THICK on dry weetbix also on fresh crunchie Rolls with butter. I love vegemite and have all my 57 years.

  • Jermzy

    Vegemite baguettes are my defo favourite.

  • Alexandra

    Vegemite and peanut butter on a hot piece of toast so it all melts together is HEAVEN!