Honda Power of Dreams in Cartoons

Honda’s Power of Dreams was put into cartoon form in a campaign developed in Spain. Illustrators Alejandro and Juan Mingarro (Brosmind) were commissioned to draw a cartoon for each month of the year, providing material for a calendar, outdoor and print series.

Honda Pop Up Hood cartoon

Honda CMBS Braking cartoon

Honda ACC Collision prevention cartoon

Honda Intelligent AWD cartoon

Honda AFL Lighting cartoon


The Honda Cartoon campaign was developed at Villar Rosas, Barcelona, by creative directors Oriol Villar and Fernando Codina, copywriter Miguel Angel Elizalde, account supervisor Albert Lopez, advertisor’s supervisors Roger Solergibert and Natalia Sagales, producer Melanie Andrada, with illustration by Brosmind (Alejandro and Juan Mingarro).

The Power of Dreams cartoon series won a gold outdoor Lion and silver press Lion at Cannes International Festival, 2007.