Honda Fit vs Mecha-Mosquitoes

The Honda Fit, the five door hatchback with a wicked reputation, is presented as the enemy of fuel-hungry mechanical mosquitoes in a series of visual-effects laden television commercials released this week.

Mosquito shaped gas guzzlers in Honda Fit television commercial

The spot opens with a 50’s matinee style feel, showing gas-guzzling mosquito-shaped cars feeding on fuel tankers on a city highway. As the Honda Fit passes the stricken vehicles the mecha-mosquitoes take off in pursuit. The Honda Fit, however, is too agile to be caught, escaping to the open road through a massive insect trap.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Mecha-Mosquitoes spot was developed at RPA, Santa Monica, by executive creative director David Smith, creative directors Joe Baratelli and Pat Mendelson, associate creative director/copywriter Todd Carey, assistant creative director/art director Curt Johnson, agency executive producer Gary Paticoff, senior producer Shelley Eisner and broadcast production assistant Lyndsey Wilson.

Animation/filming was shot by director Eric Barba and Brad Parker via Digital Domain, Los Angeles, with executive producer Ed Ulbrich. Editor was Michael Heldman at Spot Welders, Santa Monica.

Sound was designed by Eddie Kim at 740 Sound Design, Santa Monica. Audio post production was mixed at Lime Studios, Santa Monica. Music was produced at Elias Arts, Santa Monica.

Mosquito shaped gas guzzlers in Honda Fit television commercial

This is the beginning of a new three-part series, a follow up to the Eyes and Gas Mileage ads directed by Andrew Hall at A52.